CMI (Christian Metalheads International) is a Christian organization that is reaching out to the Metal world with the great news of Jesus. We are a member of Svenska Evangeliska Alliansen, an alliance of churches and Christian organizations all around Sweden.


Our organization number is: 802465-1401.







- Pray for revival in the whole metal world. The prayer requests are listed at the Prayer Warriors section


- Spread the Metal Bible to as many as possible


- Building Metal cellgroups


- Pray and support Christian Metalbands and individuals


- Encourage and inspire Christian Metalheads and support each other in prayer, both individually and overall.







Jeanette Larsson - Main leader CMI, Prayer leader, Prophet and mission


Johannes Jonsson - Coordinator for the Metal Bible, Metal Community, webdesign and mission


Henrik Larsson - White Metal Shop and mission


Ulrika Jonsson - Coordinator for CMI, layout and mission







General questions about CMI and personal messages:

Jeanette Larsson



General questions about Prayer Warriors and Prayer Requests that you want us to pray publically for here on the site:

Johannes Jonsson



Personal Prayer Requests that you want us to pray for privately:

Jeanette Larsson



All questions about the Metal Bible:

Johannes Jonsson



All questions about White Metal Shop

Henrik Larsson



All questions about Metal Community & The Metal For Jesus Page

Johannes Jonsson




Johannes Jonsson, Noel Nyback and Henrik Larsson.






If you want to support our mission to reach out to the Metal world with the good news of Jesus you can donate a gift either to our bank account or via Paypal. Any gift really means the world to us and really helps us to continue to spread the Metal Bible at festivals etc. Please mark the gift with message "Mission" or "Festivals". Thank You so much for your support and gift!


Right now we also need to buy projector and screen for the White Metal Café. If you want to help with a gift to this it will be greatly appeciated!


Bank account CMI Sweden Bankoffice:

Handelsbanken, Rotebro, Sweden


Bankgiro Sweden: 346-6869


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