We at CMI believe in the power of prayer and we know that nothing is impossible to God, cause He is the creator of the whole universe! Prayer is very powerful, indeed and it is definately the key to see God move migtily in the Metal world. The truth is that nothing will happen if we not take the time to pray!

To make it easier to know what to pray for specifically several prayer requests are compiled below. Feel free to join us in prayer! The more people that pray the more we will see the kingdom of God expand in the Metal world. Cause when we agree in prayer it also gets very powerful (Matthew 18:19). So if you are serious, it's about time to get down on your knees and fight like a man, in other words to pray, cause nothing in the heavens or the earth can stand against the fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) as James 5:16 says.


  • Pray that Christian Metal will reach out more effective and reach more people all around the world with the great message of Christ.

  • Pray that God will give us wisdom to use our interest for Christian Metal and especially our albums, videos etc to help our friends to get to know Jesus.

  • Pray for Christian Metal bands. Pray that they will be filled with boldness and wisdom and that many metalheads will find Christ during their gigs. Pray that they will remain humble and not loose their focus on God nor on what God has called them to do. Also pray that God will give them strength to overcome temptations and not compromise with sin. Also pray that God will protect them and their families from all evil and send angels to watch over them.

  • Pray for the Metal Bible. Pray that it will crush many misconceptions and be a powerful tool to lead many to Christ.

  • Pray that God will use Christian Metal sites and magazines as a tool to lead many to Christ.

  • Pray for unity and holiness in the Christian Metal world so that it will have a much greater impact to spread the kingdom of God in the Metal world.

  • Pray that God's Holy Spirit will work so mightily through Christian Metal so that many that listens to it will be so convicted of their sin and their need for a Saviour that they make a radical decision to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

  • Pray that many key persons in the Metal world will find Jesus.

  • Pray that many metalheads that have come from a Christian background but then fallen away will come back to Jesus.

  • Pray for Christians that play in secular Metal bands. Pray that God will give them wisdom, protect them from evil and that God will give them strength to not compromise with sin. Pray that God will also use them to be salt and light and use them as tools to lead the other band members to Christ.

  • Pray that God will call and send many more labourers to bring in the big harvest for Christ in the Metal world.

  • Pray that God will speak to many and give them willing hearts to give gifts to Metal Mission, so we can get the funds to do outreaches with Metal Bibles etc. Pray that many eyes will be opened so they realize that Metal Mission is just as important as sending missionaires to Africa etc.

  • Pray that God will open the doors so many Christian Metal bands will be invited to play at big Metal festivals like Wacken and Sweden Rock.

  • Pray that Christian Metal bands gets more exposure in Metal magazines etc and gets the chance to tour with big secular Metal bands.

  • Pray for Christian Metal labels. That their albums will get great distribution all around the world and that many as a result of this find a relationship with Christ. Pray also that God will give the everyone working in Christian Metal labels wisdom to do this in God's way.

  • Pray for Christian Metal Shops, that they will reach out to many and be used both as a tool to edify and inspire the believers as well as a tool to lead many to Christ.

  • Pray that kingdom of God will expand heavily in the Metal world. As we all know satan is real and often shows his ugly face in the Metal world, but the good news is that Jesus has come to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8) and in the mighty name of Jesus satan and all his demons are defeated! (John 14:14, John 16:23, Phil 2:9-10, Matthew 28:18). Pray therefore in the name of Jesus that God will continue to destroy the works of the devil in the Metal world, so that satan's kindom will decrease and that the kingdom of God will increase heavily in the Metal world.

Prayer Warriors is also a prayerchain in Sweden with ca 100 members. We base the prayerchain on Matthew 18:19 where Jesus saids that if we agree to pray for something we will get what we pray for. So that's the point, to pray together in the mighty name of Jesus (John 14:14). We pray for revival among the metalheads in Sweden and for specific things like band releases, that God will use them and touch many thru them, for Christian Metal bands that play at secular concerts and so forth. When we pray together it gets very powerful. You can read more about it at

If you want to contact me about a prayer request you can drop me a line at

In His Service
Johannes Jonsson